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Benefits of Nordic Walking

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Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing fitness workouts in Europe.
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Nordic Walking is excellent for people who ...

From beginner level to advanced, Nordic Walking can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Walk on your own, or walk with friends, even if you have different fitness levels. Nordic Walking is one of the most sociable and effective exercise techniques around.

Please note, as with all exercise it is advisable that you consult your doctor before taking part in a new activity.

Nordic Walking Technique

Nordic Walking is an enhancement of normal walking: as one leg strides forward, the opposite arm swings forward. Proper technique requires attention to:


One of our Ilkley-based courses will start you off with the right technique!

Nordic Walking Equipment

Nordic Walking Poles

A Nordic Walking pole

Choosing the correct length/size of Nordic Walking pole is essential: the ideal length of a Nordic Walking pole depends on your height and level of training.
To calculate the ideal length of poles, first apply a simple formula: your height X 0.68
As fixed length poles come in size increments of 5cm: the calculated length can either be rounded down (for recreational walkers) or rounded up (for fitter walkers).


Nordic Walking poles are made from Carbon Fibre (extremely light weight + strong), Composites (combination of fibreglass and resin, or fibreglass, carbon fibre and resin), or Aluminium (a light weight alloy).

Adjustable vs. fixed length

For an intensive and dynamic training session we recommend fixed length poles which are stiffer, more stable and have a better swing performance. The telescopic or "vario" pole has the advantages of small packed size and adjustability for people of different heights.

Hand strap

A good hand strap



The tip of the pole has to endure a lot of pressure. We recommend carbide tips because they are strong and do not rust.

Carbide tip
Carbide Tip
Carbide tip
Carbide Asphalt Tip

Rubber Pad

In theory you can walk on asphalt without rubber pads but a pad makes less noise and lowers the impact.